Devise A Good Silver IRA Investment Strategy

Take time to read some silver IRA reviews before making a silver investment decision solely based on the price of silver.  Obviously, you have already heard about the awesome staying power of gold and the potential of silver as a retirement investment.  You therefore need no convincing of that.  The relative quality of silver IRA custodians has a huge impact on the overall performance of your silver retirement portfolio, however.  Retirement success involves much more than possessing high-quality assets such as silver.  You must also work with silver IRA custodians who are bona-fide experts in this field.

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What Custodians Have to Offer

At one time, silver IRA companies were few and far between.  IRS regulations prohibited the holding of most precious metals within IRA accounts.  As public demand for more IRA flexibility grew more vociferous, self-directed IRAs began emerging here and there.  Even then, however, the IRS only allowed custodians to offer precious metals such as silver, but did not require that they do so.

Amidst today’s widespread concern over the performance of retirement investments, a growing number of workers wish to have a broad range of silver assets among their available option.  They desire diversity even within precious metal asset classes.  Consequently, custodians have broadened the silver selections that investors may buy with their retirement fund contributions.

All IRA custodians reviewed below are actively engaged in this business.  Every one of them offers a different asset inventory and provides services with various degrees of quality and efficiency.

Reviews of Gold and Silver IRA Companies

American Bullion

American Bullion has experience with much more than just silver and gold.  The firm also offers palladium and platinum products for inclusion in precious metals IRA accounts.  IRAs are also not the only thing with which American Bullion is quite familiar.  Their advisers can also counsel you about transferring funds from traditional 401(k)s and IRAs to their self-directed gold IRA investment accounts.

Merit Gold

If you are involved in precious metals markets for retirement purposes, Merit Gold operates an entire division devoted to offering IRAs.   Much of their business also focuses on the general public, however.  Be careful to avoid buying rounds or some of the other coins they offer for sale that are inappropriate IRA investments.


Goldline offers various options and services to its clients as well as the general public.  The company is also very conscientious about educating the public as to the value of gold investments.  This value encompasses the staying power of a gold IRA investment in addition to gold spot prices.

Regal Assets

Regal Assets is far more than an ordinary custodian that offers gold investments.  They are fastidious about precious metals.  If you desire an education in the power of gold and silver investments and the long-term staying power of gold and silver purchases, then this firm can definitely advise you.  They not only offer IRAs, but also service the public at large.  They have been added to the INC 500 list for 2013 as the 20th fastest growing financial services company in the U.S.

Their experts counsel everybody to invest in gold and silver assets.  Some of their clients must invest via IRA contributions.  To anybody who is able to buy precious metals at the current time, they suggest physical gold and silver.  Not only do they advise it, but Regal Assets will assist you in arranging delivery of gold and silver assets right to your own front door.

» Opening a Regal Assets Account

By all accounts, this is the best option among all silver IRA custodians.  The company offers the same range of services as their competitors do.  They also begin every client relationship by offering a free kit to help people complete a silver IRA rollover with no hassle or snags.

This is very important, as opening a precious metals IRA can be a somewhat tricky undertaking.  If you mistakenly transfer funds to the wrong destination, for instance, you could wind up paying stiff penalties via unanticipated taxes.  Regal Assets are experts at accomplishing each roller with no complications.

Silver Assets

To open a Regal Assets silver IRA account, you should first open the menu on the Home Page of their website and then click “bullion.”  These assets are all beneficial for your IRA.  Both bars and coins are listed.

Regardless of the price of silver, Regal Assets is probably your best bet if you seek maximum success and security for your silver IRA account.  This firm is dedicated to silver on a level that other investment firms cannot comprehend.  They are fully prepared to put silver in your IRA account or in your hands as quickly and efficiently as is humanly possible.

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